Friday, March 14, 2014

13th Day

Fountains Abbey founded in 1132 operated for over 400 years, until 1539, when Henry VIII ordered the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the United Kingdom.
Date: 1942
Photo by Hans Wild
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"My eyes and my heart shall be there all days." (3 Kings, 19). 

In the Sacrament of the Altar Jesus has made this beautiful promise a reality; there He remains with us night and day. 

If you had remained here, Jesus my Master, in the day time only, it surely would have been enough. People would be there to adore you and to keep you company; but you remain there even during the nights at a time when the church is closed and all retire to their homes―and so you are left quite alone. 

Jesus, I know your reason
―it is love. Love has caused you to become a prisoner for us; the strong love you have for us has bound you here on earth; and you cannot leave us any more, either night or day. This all-powerful love of yours, Jesus my Saviour, should be in itself capable of binding all men to you, and keeping them near you in the Blessed Sacrament always until they are forced to depart: and when they do at length go away, they should leave their hearts at the foot of the altar. All their affections should turn to God, who has become Man for them: to God, who remains alone, shut up in the Tabernacle; all eyes, watching out from there to provide for our every need; all heart, thirsting for our love; anxious, waiting the long night through, until He will again be visited by the ones He loves. 

My Jesus, I wish to please you;  I consecrate to you all my love. O God of boundless Majesty! Yes, it is you yourself! You remain in this Divine Sacrament to be present and close beside us, but chiefly to give yourself in Holy Communion to the ones you love. 

My Lord and God, who shall dare to come so near to you and to nourish himself with your flesh? But who on the other hand will dare to keep away from you, because it is for this very reason you hide in the Consecrated Host
―to enter into our inmost being and to take possession of our hearts. 

It is you who burn with desire to be received by us. It is you who are filled with joy when you are united with us. Oh! Come, my Jesus. Come, I am longing to receive you within myself, so that you may be the God of my heart and of my will. 

Whatever I have, O my dear Redeemer, satisfactions, pleasures, self-will
―everything I make over to you. O Love, O God of love, reign, triumph over my whole self; if there is anything in me that is not yours, destroy and sacrifice it. O my God do not permit that my soul, full of God's majesty―since it has received you in Holy Communion―should ever again become attached to created things. 

My God, I love you; my God, I will love you always; my God, I will love you only.

Aspiration―Draw me close to you with the strong bonds of your love.  


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.   

View of Huby's tower over the ruins of Fountains Abbey



St. Bernard urges us: "Let us ask for grace and let us ask through Mary." St. Peter Damian tells us she is "The Treasure Store of Divine Graces." She is able to make us rich. She wants us to be rich. So she earnestly presses us to accept her kind invitation, "If you are a little one, then come to me." (Prov. 9).     

O Lady Most Lovely, O Lady Most Sublime, O Lady Most Kind, look down upon me a poor sinner who comes to you for support and puts all his confidence in you.  

―We fly to you for protecton, O Holy Mother of God.

Prayer After Each Visit

Sitting in silence to this very day.  

Daily Daily Sing to Mary
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  1. Pray for us all my mother ,protect us , forgive unsour sins amen


  3. Please Pray for my son Jeffrey that all of his cancer leave his body and that he be healthy, happy, and loved by everyone who comes in contact with him the rest of his life and that he please not be scared or sad or worry anymore and not have anymore problems where he is living now just find peace and lots of happiness , Amen

  4. Pray that Jeffrey Stevens feels better today and everyday forth,not be afraid and be Happy Blessed Mother Mary and the Lord God and Jesus and all the Saints and Angels please Pray for my loving son that he beats this cancer and is healthy and happy. AMEN WE LOVE YOU

  5. Blessed Mother Mary Please intercede on my sons behalf if the lord wants to take my son let him go in his sleep and in no pain,please let him not ever be unhappy the rest of his life that he has left,please let all people be kind and treat him nice and lots of love and kindness and him not have anymore worries about anything and not have any reasons to cry and get the best medical treatment where he is at. AMEN

  6. Please Pray that he goes in his sleep THAT JEFFREY IS surrounded with angels and that he is not afraid and he is not in pain, that he is with lots of love by his side an knows how much we all love him and will miss him. AMEN

  7. My Sweet Jesus please help me to do and say that which You want me and then I can give You all my love. Thank You for letting me love You above all else. AMEN Blessed Mother Mary pray for me. AMEN

  8. Always have mercy for us and gives us grace