Friday, March 14, 2014

1st Day

A Catholic priest carries the Eucharist into the home of a dying child while siblings kneel at the roadside.
Quebec, Canada, 1942
Photo by John Phillips 
Compliments of Life Magazine


Here is the fountain of everything good―Jesus in this Sacrament. It is He who says: "Let him who is thirsty come to me." From this Fountain of the Most Holy Sacrament the Saints have always drawn the wonderful waters―God's great favors. There Jesus gives us all the merits of His Passion just as the Prophet foretold: "You will draw waters from the fountains of the Saviour." (Isaias, 12). 

The Countess of Feria, a devoted follower of the Venerable Father Avila, and a nun of the Society of Poor Clares, was sometimes called "The spouse of the Most Holy Sacrament"
―this was because she remained before it long and frequently. When asked what she did for so many hours spent in the presence of Our Divine Lord, she answered: "For all eternity I could remain there. Is not the very Essence of God there?―the nourishment of the Blessed. God is here. What do you do in His presence? What do you not do? You love; you praise; you thank; you ask. What does a poor man do when he approaches one who is rich? What does a sick man do when he goes to see his physician? What does a thirsty man do when he goes to the limpid spring? What does a hungry man do when he goes to a table where there is an abundance of food?"   

O my lovable Jesus, most sweet and most delightful; my Life, my Hope, my Treasure
―the one love of my soul! Oh! How great was the price that it cost you to remain with us in this Sacrament? To remain in the Sacrament on our altars you had to die; and after that how great were the wrongs you had to suffer in this very Sacrament in order to help us with your own Presence! It is your love and the longing you have to be loved by us that have conquered everything.  

Therefore, my Master, come. Come and place yourself within my very heart. Close up the gate of it forever, so that no created thing shall enter there any more to take away any part of that love which is due to you, and which I want to give all to you. You alone, my dear Redeemer, will have full ownership of me. You alone will rule me now; and if at any time I should disobey you, even in the smallest way, give me some severe punishment, so that in future I may be on my guard to act only in the way that gives most joy to you.     

See that I no longer wish for, or seek for, any other pleasure except to give pleasure to you; to visit you often at the altar; to spend my time with you; and to receive you in Holy Communion. Others if they wish may seek for other good things; but I neither love nor wish for anything except for the treasure of your love. This alone is my wish―to seek for you at the foot of the altar. See that I may become forgetful of myself so that I may remember only your goodness. 

O blessed Seraphim, I do not envy you because of your glory, but I envy you for the love that you have for your God and mine. Teach me what I am to do in order to love Him and to give Him pleasure.

―My Jesus, I wish to love but you alone; I wish to give pleasure only to you.    


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love you; I want you to come to me.  Come into my heart;  I embrace you; O never depart from me. 

Photo by John Phillips



Another fountain awell-spring of very great happiness for us, a spring rich in good things and graces―is our Mother Mary. St. Bernard says that there is not a person in the world who does not draw some good thing from it, "Of its fulness we have all received." Mary Most Holy was filled with grace by God, for the angel saluted her, "Hail, full of grace." St. Peter Chrysologus adds that it was not only for herself, but also for us that her soul was like a deep abyss filled with grace; so that from its depths she should draw gifts for everyone who is devoted to her. "It was to pour out salvation through all the ages that the Blessed Virgin received this store of grace."

―Fountain of all our joy, pray for us.

Prayer After Each Visit

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  1. The Almight God, We Trust You,We Praise You,We Love You God.. !! Thank you for all your blessing upon us, We are so blessed child ! I pray for my family, friends, people I meet in my life journey, all of you Child in this world.. Please keep them save in your hand... ! Protect them with your angel, And make them feel the Holy Spirit .. !! I pray for peace, happiness,joy,unending love in their home, and all they are out of debt n all their needs are met. God I need your mercy in my life journey, please bless my relationship with Alex santhanam stay forever as a husband and wife, !! Make Our complicated relationship become uncomplicated, I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our life with each other live in your bless within pure love,care.!! I din't want separated from you no matter how great the material it is, I wan be with you.. !! Please bless all my prayers In Jesus Holy Name (Amen) In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.. !

  2. Amen pray for us all Thank you for all your blessings!

  3. Blessed Mother Mary our Mother please intercede on my son Jeffrey's behalf that he have very good days and be loved by all that see him and treat him with lots of kindness and respect and say only nice things and nice thoughts and let the rest of his living days be filled with kindness and love, no pain, or no more medical problems, we love you MOTHER MARY.AMEN

  4. Please pray for healing for Jeffrey and Sarah and let them be cured of there diseases and healthy and happy. We love you Blessed Mother Mary Amen

  5. Please I am asking everyone pray for my son Jeffrey that all his cancer leave his body and that my granddaughter sarah's body and mind be healed and they both are healthy and happy in this new coming year and that my sickness leaves my body so I can visit them. AMEN

  6. Dear Lord and Blessed Mother Mary please Pray that Jeffrey starts feeling better an also help me to feel better.AMEN

  7. Thank You Sweet Jesus for loving me, help me to love You above all else. AMEN Blessed Mother Mary pray for me. AMEN