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The Ever Immaculate Mother of God

My Most Holy Queen, as I am about to edit this poor little book of mine, I know of no one better to whom I can dedicate it than yourself, my most dear Mother.  For in it I treat of the love of your Son, and amongst all creatures you are the first of His lovers. 

As I present this little tribute to you, I do it with this one and only aimthat souls may be inflamed with the love of Jesus Christ.  I think that it will give great joy to your heart, because you want to see Him loved by all as He deserves. 

Such as it is then, I dedicate it to you.  Give it your favor and protection: not that I may receive praise from men; but that those who read it may correspond in the future, with greater reverence and love, to the tender and exceeding great love that our most sweet Savior has shown us in His Passion, and in the institution of the Most Holy Sacrament. 

Now I place it at your feet, and I pray you to accept the gift and the giver as you own.  It is a long time since he first placed all his hopes in you, and he trusts that he can call himself and happily be for ever, O Most Gracious Lady, 

Your most loving and most humble servant,


Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.



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