Kathy & Colleen Dennison - 1952

2063 Ross Street
Sioux City, Iowa
Photo by William A. Dennison

Dedicated to my wife 
Kathy and her sister Colleen

who were very patient with me during the time it took to bring these Little Visits into our ever confusing world.  

O My Jesus, little indeed it will be if I can wear myself out and use up my life for you.

Dust Boy

Jesus Mercy, Mary Mild - Jesus,  Mary's only child. . .


  1. Thou will be done, as it is in heaven. Amen.

  2. Please bless my dad and tell him I miss him and wish he was here .. I wish he was able to help me through my pain and hurt and guide me.. Mary please interveneand pray for my family and help them get through life without him.. It has become more difficult as the days go by and is making me more depressed as the days go by..

  3. Oh Jesus I love you and adore you. Please walk through my house and take away all my worries and illness through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.